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Hawa Folding Concepta 25 New Version
Flush when closed, completely open.

Hardware for bi-folding cabinet pocket doors up to 25 kg (55 lbs.) per door.


Flush cabinet fronts can be fully opened with HAWA-Folding Concepta 25. Two doors can be folded and slid into furniture cabinets or wall niches at either the side. Systems with one pair of folding doors at both sides can be realized without separating walls using the optional reinforcement profile. Sets with a track length of 2120 mm also make 3-door cabinet fronts possible in combination with HAWA-Concepta.

Calculation aid Installation and fine adjustment
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Features of the Hawa Folding Concepta 25 New Version
  • Max. door weight: 25kg (55lbs.) [per pair of panels 50kg (110lbs.)]
  • Door width: 300–700 mm
  • Door height: 1250–2600 mm
  • Door thickness: 19–26 mm
  • Flush-fitting fronts with the gap pattern that is normal in furniture construction make discreet integration into the overall appearance possible
  • Harmonious, quiet movement due to playfree guidance of the upright
  • Sheer elegance outside and in due to black anodized profiles
  • Two-piece, four-piece and, in combination with HAWA-Concepta, three-piece fronts are also possible
  • The pair of folding doors can be slid in flush with the outside
  • Room-high without furniture tops provides an extraordinary, spacious appearance
  • All adjustments can be made from the front at any time
  • LGA certificate
Its advantages are obvious wherever variable room utilisation and unobstructed access should leave a tidy impression, for instance in the home office in the bedroom, the kitchen in the living room, or the utility area in the bathroom.

Application example
DXF_3-door combination with HAWA-Concepta
DXF_left_with base profile
DXF_right_from the worktop to the top edhe of the cabine
DXF_symmetric without furniture tops
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