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HAWA-Aperto 60/H
Sliding walls without efforts.

Hardware system for stackable wooden partitions up to 60 kg (132 lbs.)


The first system on the market purpose-designed for lightweight wooden partition walls up to 60 kg (132 lbs.) per panel combines high quality with an economical price. It offers a particularly attractive architectural solution because the closed partition is perfectly flush, and requires only a small stacking area when opened. With the comprehensive assembly instructions, craftsmen can plan and fit simple installations by themselves. Furthermore, HAWA Aperto 60/H is a standardised system with a very simple component structure, which ensures rapid delivery of all parts from stock.

Maximum ease of operation is attained using a bottom guide chan-nel. Installations without a bottom guide channel are also possible at lower panel weights and careful operating.
Features of the HAWA-Aperto 60/H
  • Maximum panel weight 60 kg (132 lbs.)
  • Panel thickness 35-50 mm
  • Minimum panel width for standard installation 550 mm
  • Maximum panel width for standard installations:
    - stacking 90° to the slide axis, 950 mm
    - stacking parallel to the slide axis, 1500 mm
  • Maximum panel height 2600 mm
  • Adjustable vertically ± 3 mm
  • Centre stop with progressively adjustable retention spring catch
  • Comprehensive planning and assembly instructions
  • Stacking area accommodates up to 9 door panels
  • Stacking at 90° and parallel to the sliding axis
  • A single lock secures the entire installation
  • Installations without a floor track are possible for lower panel weights
  • Top tracks and bottom guide channels: alu plani anodized
Wherever rooms require individual design or repurposing. Thank to minimal fitting dimensions, modest stacking area space requirements and its attractive price, HAWA-Aperto 60/H opens completely new possibilities. It can be used for room dividers and screens in a wide range of scenarios. Partitions that reach from a counter-top to the ceiling, for example, are also easier and less costly to build.
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